Transcension LED Master 64 Controller

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Product Brand : Transcension
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This revolutionary DMX lighting controller has been specifically designed to allow users to synchronise the colours and functions of LED lighting fixtures with 8 channels or less, from multiple manufacturers.

This groundbreaking channel assignment technology is a powerful feature that provides users with the freedom to customise the controller. Once all required fixtures have been assigned, the correct colours will show on all selected fixtures simultaneously, regardless of their individual DMX profiles.

The industry has been crying out for this DMX desk ever since the advent of LEDs, and will make complicated and time-consuming lighting show control a thing of the past!

The unit also comes supplied with 19” rack ears and a USB LED gooseneck lamp.

Which application is the LED Master 64 Controller suitable for?
Ideal for a variety of small and medium applications, including: DJs, clubs and rental/hire companies. In fact anyone that needs to utilise a range of LED fixtures sourced from multiple manufacturers, which they need to address simultaneously.
The controller has all of the common DMX outputs: 3 pin XLR, 5 pin XLR and RJ-45, this makes the LED Master 64 Controller compatible with most lighting fixtures. We can recommend various effects this can be used with from brands such as Acme, LEDJ, Equinox and eLumen8.

How easy is the LED Master 64 Controller to use?
Intermediate – Its LED display allows for easy navigation, however, knowledge of DMX is required to fully utilise this controllers features. Once set-up, the LED Master 64 Controller can be used by almost anyone, even none technical users, making it an ideal choice for the hire market.

What makes it different from other controllers on the market?
The main difference is its channel assignment technology, simply go through the ‘Assigning Channels’ process for all fixtures, then use the fixture buttons to control all or a selection of the lighting effects assigned. There are 6 defined channels and additional 2 user-defined channels where the user can decide what functions they require. A sheet of preprinted stickers of additional functions is provided for this. When assigning fixtures to the desk, undesired channels can be set to zero, avoiding conflicts with any other fixtures where the DMX profiles may vary.

There are also 8 pre-set colour instant recall buttons; these actually do the colour mixing for you so you can have a wash of purple etc at the push of a button. For a simple way to create an exciting light show, why not utilise this feature to quickly jump from colour to colour. If a specific colour or hue is required, then 24 custom colours can be stored.

What modes of operation are featured on this controller?
This controller has many built-in features, most of which can be used at the push of a button!
• Auto fade: This is pre-programmed although the speed can be changed via the dedicated slider.
• Sound chase: Basically sound activation on the controller, making all lighting fixtures act the same to the music being played.
• Variable strobe function: Strobe all your activated fixtures and you can even control the intensity/speed of the strobe via the slider.
• Chases: You can create scenes to build and save your own chases, you can go through these scenes as and when, one-by-one to edit/delete/add to the chases you have created. There is also a built in auto chase, and a slider to control the speed of your chases.
• Password protection: The program mode is password protected, making this controller ideal for public and rentals/hire usage, where you want to protect the settings created from being edited, tampered with or even deleted.
• Power loss memory feature: The unit will run the last program when powered up after loss of power or being switched of. A useful feature if rental/hire, unmanned or inexperienced user scenarios.
• Create a fixture library: Ability to save assignment data onto USB memory stick for future use for any fixture settings you have created, allowing a massive amount of fixtures data to be assigned and stored for future use. Ideal for exhibition and rental jobs, as you do not have to waste time reassigning light effects for every time it is used.

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