Digital Mixing Desks

Whilst there is still a valid place for an analogue mixer in many venues there is no doubt that the tide is turning.  When first released although very powerful the price of a digital desk was so great that it was prohibitive to many venues.  During recent years manufacturers have been expanding their offering and there are now some really credible options that now fall with in the budget of most performance spaces where audio is a serious part of the offering.

Although the initial cost of the Digital Mixer is greater than that of an Analogue mixer with the same channel count, the digital desk has a lot more to offer.  Most digital mixers now give the engineer access to a dynamic processor on each channel with access to the sort of compressor/expander array that would have taken up a whole outboard rack and cost as much if not more than the desk in an analogue setup.  There will also be a selection of DSP engines waiting to add effects to the sound and generally an outgoing EQ on each output.  This makes for an extremely powerful setup all in the one box.  

It is now possible to operate many digital desks from a tablet at any place in the auditorium allowing an engineer to know the sound from any seat in the house.  Call use and we will take you through all the options and help you find the desk for you.

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